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more than words

Saturday Events

Saturday 11th June is the day when most of the Festival takes place, where music, performance, exhibition and community come together! 

More Than Words…Pictures

Sat 11th 10-5pm 

Sun 12th 10-5pm

The Porthole Room, The Pier 

Pier entry charge

Sponsored by Greenfield Acupuncture +

Jo Shepherd will be exhibiting photographs of our Lest We Forget event in November 2021, photographs by Ian Knox of live music from our festival in June 2021 and by Chris Taylor of our Live Poetry event with Marvin Thompson in October 2021.

Jo will be displaying studies of venues and the people associated with them.

Exhibition Of Local Artists’ Works With Polodango 

Sat 11th 10-4pm

Sun 12th 10-4pm


31 Old Church Road, BS21 6NN

Free entry

Paul is an artist and bespoke professional furniture painter who displays contemporary local artworks throughout the year.

Artist in Residence

Clevedon Art Club, with support from the Clevedon Community Bookshop Cooperative, has appointed an artist-in-residence for the duration of the Literary Festival. The artist will be visiting various events, making sketches and taking notes, and using these to create artworks to be exhibited in the town later in the year. If you spot our artist-in-residence please feel free to ask about their work and this project.

Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Lucian Freud (2002) with Jonathan Camp 

Sat 11th 9.30am -11am

St Peters C of E Church 1 Alexandra Rd BS21 7QE

Tickets £8

Well-known local art historian and wild swimmer, Jonathan Camp, runs courses and arranges tours to galleries in this country and abroad, as Art Unwrapped.

Lucian Freud (1922-2011) is thought of as one of the foremost British portrait painters of the 20th century, but he was much criticised by the media when he produced this unflattering portrait of the Queen in 2001. Jonathan will discuss his style and technique then tell us about his life, his paintings and his place in the world of contemporary art.


’Sleeping with the Moon’

Sat 11th 

The Porthole Room, Clevedon Pier

10:15am & 11:15am (duration 30mins)

Pier Entry Applies 

Inspired by a wild camping trip with friends in 2020 ‘when the Covid doors of freedom were flung open wide into the warmth of July’ storyteller Michael Loader set himself the challenge of sleeping with the 12 full moons of 2021 from the minus 3 Hunger Moon of February to the balmy heights of an August Blue Moon in the Valley of Rocks – giving opportunities for new encounters, fresh enquiry and insights into the nature of being human through the hours of darkness into the birdsong of a new morning.
Michael will read extracts from his 12 full moon encounters accompanied by music by emerging and experienced composers.
…‘Underestimating the cooling night and the clear bright moonlight chill, legs shiver and feet quiver in breezy bivvy. The bitter nip wakes me to a watching lunar eye casting silent beams upon my bed. In and out of fitful sleep the air canters down the slope, spewing then rolling over the edge of the foaming combe; ghostly white outlines of horses drift like smoke – couriers of the cold’ … – Extract from April’s Pink Moon
“A rich mix of prose and poetry, lore and legend with something you can’t quite define that drifts through the realms of the imagination”

“One of the most amazing things my ears have ever had the pleasure to hear. Really captivating, just magical”

All episodes can be heard here …

A Celebration of the Book

Funded by Clevedon Community Bookshop Cooperative 

St Andrews Church Centre, Old Church Rd, Clevedon BS21 7UE

Bookbinders, book artists, paper-makers, book makers, independent publishers and pamphleteers come together to celebrate the ‘book’ with exhibition stalls and sales. 


Click “See More” to view the full programme for this event 

Kev F’s Children’s Comic Art Masterclass

Sat 11th



Chapel Hill

BS21 7LL

Tickets £7


Well known for his writing and comic strip creations, Kev F Sutherland will teach you everything he knows showing you how easy comics can be. After the end of the Comic Art Masterclass, everyone goes away with a comic containing a strip by everyone in the class plus an individual caricature by Kev F.

Learn everything he knows, so you could leave school and steal his job!

Kev F Sutherland has written and drawn comic strips for everyone from The Beano to Marvel Comics, from Doctor Who to Viz magazine, and most points in between. 

His three new graphic novels adapt Shakespeare with a twist: Findlay Macbeth is a salesman in 1970s Scotland, Hamlet Prince Of Denmark Street is in a punk rock band, and The Midsummer Night’s Dream Team takes Shakespeare’s comedy and turns it into a heist movie. Since 2021 he has published a series of Pop Star Colouring Books, with illustrations and articles on everything from Eurovision and Punk to David Bowie and Rom Coms.

‘Hold On Tight’

Vintage Bus 

Sat 11th 11am-4pm

Circuits of Clevedon

Donations welcome

Our vintage bus is back, following in the spirit of Doris Hatt’s communist coach, which provided transport for people to enjoy cultural events. Our bus will tour many of the venues in town. 


The bus service will operate to the following times.


St Andrews Church 1100 1130 1200 1230 1300 1330 1400 1430

Triangle (Kenn Road) 1110 1140 1210 1240 1310 1340 1410 1440

Princes Road 1115 1145 1215 1245 1315 1345 1415 1445

Six Ways Bus Stop 1120 1150 1220 1250 1320 1350 1420 1450

Salthouse Fields 1125 1155 1225 1255 1325 1355 1425 1455

St Andrews Church 1130 1200 1230 1300 1330 1400 1430 1500


St Andrews Church 1500 1530 1600 1630

Triangle (Kenn Road) 1510 1540 1610 1640

Princes Road 1515 1545 1615 1645

Six Ways Bus Stop 1520 1550 1620 1650

Salthouse Fields 1525 1555 1625 1655

St Andrews Church 1530 1600 1630 1700

Market Place – Local Authors

Sat 11th 11am -3pm

The Hawthorns

18-19 Elton Rd, BS21 7EH

Outside /free entry

Sponsored by The Hawthorns


A bright and colourful “Marketplace” where authors, illustrators and other artists will gather to share their books, arts and “More Than Words” products.

This is a chance to meet local artists, have a chat and ask them questions.

Click “See More” below for the full list and details of each artist

Doris Hatt: Art, Politics and Principles

Sat 11th 11.30-1pm

St Peters C of E Church

1 Alexandra Rd, BS21 7QE

Tickets £8

Sponsored by Court Gallery 

Doris Hatt lived her life according to strong principles and on occasions would use her paintings to subtly make a point. The talk will outline her life as an artist in Clevedon and illustrate how she used her art to reflect her views.

The painting is Doris Hatt’s monumental (40” x 60”) work from 1951 titled, ‘The Fisherwomen of Dieppe’, and it is an example of how Doris gave recognition to the difficult lives of working people.

The painting was displayed in Clevedon Community Centre for several years during the 1960s and 70s.

Stephen Lisney co-authored the book ‘Doris Hatt – Revolutionary Artist’ (2019) for the South West Heritage Trust.

Climate Activism for Everyone – Tamsin Omond 

Sat 11th

Bandstand, Elton Road


BS21 7EH

12 noon -1.00pm


We know there’s a climate emergency but what does that mean we should do? What does a ‘better future’ look like and how do we get there? Having spent over a decade on the frontlines of climate activism Tamsin realised that this crisis is too big for one group of activists to solve. It needs everyone. They will share their experiences – taking action with Extinction Rebellion and organising community-led protests – and invite us to consider, with practical guidance and gentle encouragement, how we might heal our relationships with nature, each other
and ourselves and recommit to our beautiful planet.

Moderator:  Sasha Snow, BAFTA winning film maker, recent film ‘The Trouble Maker”

Since dropping banners against Heathrow Airport’s third runway from the roof of the Houses of Parliament, Tamsin has consistently shifted public conversation on the climate and ecological emergency.

They have organised a number of high-profile protests and been a founding member of Extinction Rebellion.​In 2021 Tamsin stood for co-leadership of the Green Party of England and Wales. They are also active in queer uprising; a theatre maker and the author of two books – RUSH! The Making of a Climate Activist and Do Earth: Healing Strategies for Humankind.

Empowering Children through Books

Four amazing children’s authors of different ages talk about their books, their inspiration and how empowering reading can be. 

Sat 11th


Chapel Hill, Clevedon

BS21 7LL


Tickets £5

Jamie Russell: Former contributing editor of Total Film magazine turned author and screenwriter; he is the author of the Skywake trilogy published by Walker Books. 

Tamsin Mori:. Tamsin Mori – her debut novel, The Weather Weaver, has been a favourite with young readers and won the Dudley Children’s Book Award. The second book in this magical adventure series, A Gathering Storm, is out now. 

Annelise Gray: Author of the thrilling ancient Roman adventure series Circus Maximus. Written to wishfully see a female jockey win the Grand National – that subsequently happened – and to bring ancient Rome alive for children, it stars humans, horses, and real characters from history.

Laura James: Captain Pug, her debut novel (Adventures of Pug series), was shortlisted 2017 for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize. Other stories include Fabio:  The World’s Greatest Flamingo Detective and some dogs who start a newspaper in News Hound series. 

Moderator: Alistair Sims

Clevedon Community Bandstand

Sat 11th 


Bandstand, Elton Road BS21 7EH


Chai For All 

Playing Old World Yiddish folk, New World Yiddish theatre songs and jazz-tinged klezmer. A magnificent musical journey from the haunted Eastern European shtetls, through the dimly-lit basement bars of tango-crazed Buenos Aires, to the vibrant neighbourhoods of swinging New York. Exciting and entertaining, 

Impassioned female vocals, against a joyous backing of trumpet, guitar and percussion. Marianna Moralis – vocals, David Mowat – trumpet, Knud Stüwe – guitar, Simon Leach – percussion


40 performers Pop/Rock songs Director Mike Aris

Rosaliind Moreno Parra 

Rosalind Moreno-Parra brings a passionate fusion of Ladino, Latino, Tango & Spanish folk. Powerful, haunting melodies, complimented by Rob Vasey-Guitar and Carola Hengstenberg-Violin.

Rosalind Moreno-Parra, is an English-born Spanish singer and voiceover artist. With her band, she brings a passionate fusion of Ladino, Latino, Tango & Spanish folk with original songs and covers from Hispanic singers around the world. She sings in Spanish but also in Ladino, which has roots in the musical traditions of the Jewish communities of Medieval Spain and Portugal.

Django Swing 

We are an acoustic trio of two guitars and double bass, playing music in the style of Django Reinhardt and the great Gypsy Jazz players who have been inspired by his music.

The ambience of 1930s Paris

Hounds of Lounge duo perform classic songs from the 1930’s to present day. 

with Joanna’s stunning vocals and Nick’s rhythmic and eclectic guitar style, expect Howling Wolf to Kylie Minogue and Peggy Lee to Led Zepplin!

Joanna Swan and Nick Pullin guitar and vocals

Step Into A World Of Stories: An Introduction to The Art Of Telling Tales With Katy Cawkwell 

Sat 11th

St Peters C of E Church 1 Alexandra Rd, Clevedon BS21 7QE

2pm -4.30pm

Tickets £15

Storytelling is enjoying a renaissance, a refreshing change from consuming media online.

This “hands-on” workshop introduces the art of storytelling using traditional, personal or newly devised narratives. We will explore story structure, ‘seeing the story’ and finding your own voice, pace & rhythm, through some basic performance skills.

Participants can choose from outline stories provided or one they’re bringing to work on.  Suitable for complete beginners & those with some experience.  

“Katy is a brilliant workshop leader.  She is warm, generous and accessible“(previous participant) 

Katy Cawkwell has been a performance storyteller since 1996, appearing in the UK & beyond in theatres, festivals, clubs and on BBC Radio 3 and 4

A Historical Thriller – Rory Clements 

Sat 11th


Chapel Hill, Clevedon

BS21 7LL


Tickets £5

Rory Clements is a Sunday Times bestselling author. He is twice winner of the CWA Historical Dagger Award, most recently in 2018 for Nucleus, the second Tom Wilde novel. A TV series of Rory’s previous series, the John Shakespeare novels, is currently in development.

His most recent novel published January this year, The Man in the Bunker, is a gripping new spy thriller set in Germany, late summer 1945.

Moderator: Alistair Sims

Poetry Open Mic

Funded by The Clevedon Community Bookshop Cooperative 

Sat 11th


St John’s the Evangelist Church

Queen’s Rd BS21 7TH

Suggested donation £5

Local poets will recite their work. Proceeds to be used to create a 2023 poetry prize competition.

How To Write About Disability With Tom Shakespeare

Sponsored by The Spinning Weal

Sat 11th


Rugby Club

Southey Rd

BS21 6PF

Tickets £5

Disability may seem like a neglected topic, but characters with disabilities are found surprisingly commonly in fiction.  Drawing on extracts from contemporary fiction, Tom will talk about common stereotypes of disability, and how to avoid them.  But what is a good representation of disability?  Tom helped develop the café scientifique movement – in this style, the bar will be open for hot and cold drinks

Moderator: Sarah Harris

Tom, regular contributor to Radio 4,  academic,  writer, and elected fellow of the British Academy. ‘Stand-up’ comedian, compère in the disability arts world, Tom’s repertoire has included ‘one-man’ shows and contemporary dance performances. He worked for the WHO on the World Report on Disability (2011) and published widely including Disability Rights and Wrongs and Disability – the Basics. Tom has recently completed his first novel, and halfway through his second – thus, images of disability are not merely of academic interest.  

 ‘The Illustrated Secret History of the Mona Lisa’ 

Conversation with Natasha Solomons author of I Mona Lisa

Sat 11th



Chapel Hill, Clevedon

BS21 7LL

Tickets £5

From the Renaissance, admirers of the Mona Lisa have said how the painting looks as if ‘she’s just waiting to speak’. In Natasha Solomons’ dazzlingly inventive new novel, I, Mona Lisa she finally does.  In her illustrated talk Natasha Solomons will talk about the secrets behind the Mona Lisa and how she inspired her critically acclaimed novel. She’ll talk about everything from who Mona Lisa really was, from how she was created, to how she crossed the alps and how she changed the world of art. In recent years, the Mona Lisa has become an icon and a meme, but hopefully by the end of this illuminating discussion, you — like Natasha – will be able to truly appreciate the Mona Lisa again. Maybe you’ll even hear her speak!

Moderator: Alistair Sims

Writers Meet

Funded by The Clevedon Community Bookshop Cooperative 

St John’s the Evangelist Church Queen’s Rd BS21 7TH

Sat 11th 

4pm -5pm


Writers Meet will be holding a session on who they are and what they do. In addition, members will be reading short pieces of their work, both poetry and prose.

Five Ways Of Looking At A Character –Maria McCann

Sat 11th


Rugby Club

Southey Rd

BS21 6PF

Tickets £5

A relaxed and informal workshop for aspiring writers of any kind of fiction, you’ll explore ways of building and enriching your characters. We’ll focus on the inner world of characters, how character drives plot and how characters interact with one another. We will also look at how your writing style can help with characterisation. If you’re already working on a book, please bring along a list of your main characters – but don’t worry if you haven’t yet got this far.

The bar will be open for snacks, and hot and cold drinks.

Moderator Angela Everitt

Maria McCann is a writer of historical fiction whose novels As Meat Loves Salt (Harper Collins), The Wilding (Faber & Faber) and Ace, King, Knave (Faber & Faber) have been praised for their historical accuracy, imagination and psychological intensity. She is also an experienced teacher and literary mentor who has worked for The Royal Literary Fund and the Arvon Foundation.

Historical Narratives: The Many Ways To Portray History In Fiction

Three inspirational historical fiction author talk about their inspiration, and how they all in different ways portray history in their fiction. 

KJ Maitland

Dr Harry Sidebottom

Ben Kane

Sat 11th



Chapel Hill, Clevedon

BS21 7LL

Tickets £5

Karen Maitland Historical novelist, lecturer, and teacher of Creative Writing, with over twenty books to her name, she grew up in Malta, which inspired her passion for history, and travelled and worked all over the world before settling in the United Kingdom.

Dr Harry Sidebottom is a Fellow of St Benet’s Hall and lecturer at Lincoln College, Oxford, where he specializes in ancient warfare and classical art. His Roman historical fiction has gained critical praise from newspapers such as the Times and he is a bestselling author.

Ben Kane Kenya born, Irish by blood and UK resident, Ben’s passion for history has taken him to almost 70 countries, visiting Roman, Greek, Persian, Carthaginian, Aztec, Maya, Inca, indigenous Australian and Native American archaeological sites. His novels are commonly seen in the Sunday Times top ten.

Moderator: Alistair Sim

‘Elvis Has Not Left The Building’

Elvis McGonagall and support acts

Sat 11th

8pm till late

Rugby Club

Southey Rd

BS21 6PF


Star of radio and TV, the Fresh Prince of Graceland Caravan Park, Elvis McGonagall brings his biting satirical Caledonian rant to the great unwashed of Clevedon, equally ably supported by stars of the London spoken word scene Mark ‘Mr T’ Thompson, Steve Tasane and Cynthia Hamilton. Expect a night of shame and (rhyming) hyperbole!

Performance poet and stand-up comedian

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