clevedon literary festival

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What’s On At The Bandstand with Clevedon Live Music

Sat June 11th Programme 


Tamsin Omond Speaker Environmentalist and Journalist followed by Q and A 

12 Midday Introduction by  Sasha Snow Bafta winning Film Maker

We know there’s a climate emergency but what does that mean we should do? What does a ‘better future’ look like and how do we get there?



1.30 Chai For All

Exciting and entertaining, Chai For All plays Old World Yiddish folk, New World Yiddish theatre songs and jazz-tinged klezmer. A magnificent musical journey from the haunted Eastern European shtetls, through the dimly-lit basement bars of tango-crazed Buenos Aires, to the vibrant neighbourhoods of swinging New York.

Impassioned female vocals lead the party, against a joyous backing of trumpet, guitar and percussion. With fantastic music, brilliant audience rapport and more than a touch of goodtime showbiz, this is a set guaranteed to raise the spirits.

Lineup: Marianna Moralis – vocals, David Mowat – trumpet, Knud Stüwe – guitar, Simon Leach – percussion


2.30pm ROCK CHOIR 

40 performers 

A section of your old and new favourite Pop/Rock songs 

Director Mike Aris 

Twitter: @RockChoir Facebook: @TheRockChoir


3.30pm  Rosalind Moreno Parra 

Band members:

Rosalind Moreno-Parra-Vocals

Rob Vasey-Guitar 

Carola Hengstenberg-Violin.

Rosalind will be bringing a passionate fusion of Ladino, Latino, Tango & Spanish folk to Clevedon seafront. Renowned for her powerful, haunting melodies she will be complimented on the day with Rob Vasey on guitar, Jason Gaines on percussion and Fiona Barrow on violin

Rosalind Moreno-Parra, is an English-born Spanish singer and Voiceover artist whose mother is from Madrid, Spain.With her band, she brings a passionate fusion of Ladino, Latino, Tango & Spanish folk 

4.30pm Django Swing 

We are an acoustic trio of two guitars and double bass, playing music in the style of Django Reinhardt and the great Gypsy Jazz players who have been inspired by his music.

The ambience of 1930s Paris

Andy Luton – lead guitar

John Richards – rhythm guitar

Federico Leonori – double bass.